1 ) Enzyme Floating Filler 

Enzyme floating filler is a microbial fixation carrier developed by Shanghai HONESS environmental protection technology co., LTD. And tongji university in cooperation with many years of engineering practice.

The enzyme floating filler has the special structure of 'double layer membrane' and 'void layer', thus realizing the characteristics of large specific surface area and high porosity. During the processing, the enzyme floating filler was modified by ionized material and hydrophilic polymer, and the surface was positively charged, which made it easier for microorganisms to attach and fix on the surface of the carrier.

Acid and alkali resistance, better adaptability to difficult sewage containing hydrocarbon, benzene and other organic compounds, strong corrosion resistance, service life up to 8-10 years. It can be effectively used in the treatment of wastewater containing special pollutants (such as phenol, toxic, harmful metal ions, high acid, high reduction, etc.).

Packing characteristics

> > efficient

Sludge sedimentation performance is good, easy to solid-liquid separation; Less sludge, reduce the cost of sludge treatment and disposal.

> > optimal performance

Advantages in engineering applications

>> increases biomass

>> improves system stability

>> process is widely used

> upgrading of urban sewage treatment plant;

> high ammonia nitrogen, hard degrade organic wastewater treatment project;

> domestic sewage and industrial organic wastewater treatment.


2 ) Multi-point water distributor

Multi-point water distributor (point-to-point water distributor) can effectively overcome the shortcomings of other water distribution systems and is widely used in many practical projects.

The utility model of water dispenser by ingenious structural design, can guarantee the anaerobic hydrolysis reaction device uniform water distribution, and the water mains and water distribution of branch pipe structure makes into the residue of water branch pipe to buffer, and have very good hydraulic mixing effect, helps to improve the anaerobic hydrolysis reaction of biochemical reaction and mass transfer efficiency.

The water distribution outlet is higher than the inlet main pipe, which keeps the inlet main pipe submerged and helps to intercept floating substances in the water.

The point-to-point water distribution system has the following advantages:

> has simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance and management.

> requires no other dynamic power except for raising water inflow, with low energy consumption, high efficiency and small area;

> water distribution and hydraulic stirring function, hydraulic stirring effect is good;

> flow regulator ensures even distribution of water dispensers for each table.


3) UC(Up Flow Coupling Hydrolysis Acidogenosis Reactor)

An upflow, point-to-point compound hydrolysis reactor is developed independently. There is a tilted enzyme floating filler in the reactor, coupling the biofilm reaction and strengthening the separation of sludge and water.

Technology& Products

4)HBF(High performance biofilm & Floatation Reaction)

HBF process is independently developed by HONESS, which combines the advantages of activated sludge method and biofilm method, integrates the advantages of AO process and sequencing batch reaction static precipitation, and combines with the continuous flow sequencing batch bioreactor to greatly improve the degradation efficiency of the reactor and realize the efficient removal of COD, ammonia nitrogen.


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